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What People Are Saying

As an adoptee myself, Dumplings Mean Family is a rare treat, a story told from the perspective of the kids! Dumplings Mean Family captures the joy and complexity of becoming a family together.

Maya L., adult adoptee

As an elementary educator, and an adoptive mama myself – I couldn’t LOVE this book more!  First and foremost, I love the reminder that even if our families look (or eat!) different, we are still a family.  The way acceptance and tolerance are shown through is so important for young readers.  I am always looking for quality stories to share with my class, and my own children, that place value on accepting and honoring our differences, and Dumplings Mean Family does this so very well.  And let’s not overlook the amazing illustrations in this book!  The stunning detail and the bright colors drew me in from the second I opened it.  I love that the text, AND the images are representative of “real life”.

Erin Bradshaw, first grade teacher and adoptive parent, Worthington Hills Elementary